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Welcome to Just Ride, your one stop shop for cycling information, training and event management

Check out our 2014 events, with more in the pipeline too.

What do we do?
  • We provide cycle training.
  • We teach people how to fix bikes. Course dates - See Tech Course page for current dates
  • We are the hub for local events such as races, charity rides, bike week rides and Dr Bike events.
  • We lead fun social rides on or off-road with qualified Mountain Bike Instructors available if required.
  • We use our network of connections to improve cycling.
  • We are always looking to improve information based on people's experience so please contact us if you'd like us to help you share some cycling tips with other people - thanks.
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    Sunday rides

    Every 3rd Sunday in the month, we have a leisure ride, led by Dan the Man. Meet 10:00am at The Pump House Environment Centre, WR1 3EZ. Everyone welcome. Couple of hours around the lanes. More info, send us a mail and join us on the next ride. Check out the latest ride blog

    Some recent feedback on our cycle training

  • "We booked a private lesson for our 7 year old son who, despite our best efforts, had not learnt to ride a bike. After 20 minutes he was coasting with his feet on the pedals and after 30 minutes he was cycling around confidently and loving it! It was truly amazing. Our son said "It was easy, Mark just teaches you step by step, easily. We were delighted and would definitely recommend it to others".

  • Last summer I received adult cycling lessons followed by lessons for my wife and kids. Have to say everyone has caught the bug to some degree or other (including my daughter) with my wife occasionally cycling the kids to school (in good weather). I have gone on to become a regular and tomorrow sees me do the 50 mile British Heart Foundation bike ride. Can't quite believe after years of doing nothing I'm up to doing that (being a stone lighter as a result is a benefit as well), so just wanted to say thanks for your help last Summer, would never have happened without those lessons. I'm also now getting invites to join people on other rides of ever longer distances so will see how it goes.

    ....and on our tech courses...

  • "As a real ‘newie’ to the cycling world I came away from the day feeling a lot more confident to being out on the road should my bike decide to throw a wobbly on me! I found the camaraderie amongst my fellow students truly warming and made me feel so much more comfortable with the day. Taking the various parts off the bikes and putting them on again was not only educating but a lot of fun and so enjoyable, I can well understand why there is so much tinkering with bike" (Carole, Hereford)

  • " The Bike Surgery course was superb! I worked on my own bike with excellent instruction, within a small friendly group. I now have the knowledge to maintain by bike to keep me on the road safely. We covered punctures, cranks, bottom brackets, headsets, gears and brakes. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and nothing felt rushed. The day comes highly recommend. Many thanks Mark" (Patrick, Worcester)

    ...and what about a bit of off-road tuition...
  • "I've been cycling off road for a couple of years now, however I was starting to realise that I was staying within my comfort zone and not trying to develop any new skills. In September I upgraded my bike and began to push my boundaries more, however, it quickly became apparent that I lacked know-how and I knew that in order to progress that I needed some professional instruction. I contacted Just Ride and booked a session with Mark. After chatting with me to see what I wanted to get out of the session and observing me ride a section of trail Mark quickly established my current skill level and gave me advice on how to tackle specific obstacles and trail conditions. Before the session I would see an obstacle I didn't like the look of, slam on my brakes and tip-toe around it, Mark gave me the confidence to give the obstacles a shot. He was unfailingly patient, some sections I had a go at numerous times before I found my courage, however before I knew it I was rattling along doing things that I'd jumped off my bike for before. I wholeheartedly recommend a session with Mark if you want to up your off road game, I'm planning on consolidating the skills that Mark taught me for a few months and then booking Mark again when I feel I have nailed things and want to progress further. When you consider how much you can spend on bike bits and gear to improve your riding it makes sense to spend time on learning how to ride better too."

    New !

    We have developed a new practical course for school children, teaching them the basics of bike maintenance (changing an inner tube, adjusting brakes etc.) This initiative fits in perfectly with a school's sustainable travel work. e-mail us to find out more

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  • Just starting out - need a bike?- Worcestershire has a variety of bike shops to suit different needs and wallets.
  • If you haven't got a bike, choose the type that suits you.
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  • I'm not sure whether my bike is ok - how to get it checked or maintain it yourself.
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